Foto: Alexandra Stenring
Driven and skilled photographer with the ability to create content, management within media and as a digital designer, for both still images, film material and graphic design.
I have experience in several different areas within media production. The basis is media technology education from high school and university.
Experience in marketing, including through work with technical sales support. From previous sales experiences and project work, I have worked up the ability to create opportunities and network outwards.
I also have experience in sales at shops, events and restaurants.
I have worked with feature films, short films, commercials, music videos, photography, events, fashion, portraits, photojournalism, staff, crew, lectures and much more.
From the very beginning, I have learned a lot about different productions. I have experienced a lot on my journey towards working with creative people and towards new goals.
Use my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and much more.
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